Gert's Slotcars

I don't like racing bog standard cars. I try to replicate race cars with the odd fantasy livery chucked in.

I've started racing and building slotcars in my teens and raced at club and national level, both in South Africa and in the Netherlands. I stopped racing actively a couple of years ago and after a dry spell, decided to build my home track in the attic. So, Wilger Raceway was born.

The story: When the local Air Force base was abandoned, the local Motor racing club bought a part of the road to the base and a track was developed using some of the roads. Once the track designers had their plans approved by the Motorsport council, they then named all the corners and some of the straights after the aircraft that used to fly at the base. The club's name was derived from the stream, the Willow, that runs at the far left corner of the track. The Dutch name "Wilger (which is a combo of my son's name and mine, William and Gert) means Willow. Hence the name "Circuitpark Wilger".