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Betta & Classic Mclaren M7a

My Father’s day gift arrived early, although I was not allowed to do anything, other than staring at it, until Father’s day. It’s a Betta & Classic Mclaren M7a fiberglass body with a Penelope Pitlane chassis.

Being a born South African and now that I have this drive to want to own famous South African race cars as slots, I’ve decided to give the Basil van Rooyen Mclaren M7a a go.

I’ve designed the decal sheet.

All bits, that I thought, that would not be necessary had been cut out and drilled out.

The chassis was done

… and fitted

The front inserts are from a Policar Lotus 72.


The molded driver was removed to be replaced with another from the spares box and the first coat of paint went on.

The driver test fitted.

Engine detailing started.

Rear suspension done.

Rear wing from a GTR BMW fitted.

Final detailing done.


Decals on, plug wires made, rear wing uprights updated and some bare metal foil used.

The front wings were hand made from plasticard.

The first attempt to seal the decals and apply some varnish to finish off the car, resulted in a disaster. The varnish “ate” the decals …


That allowed/forced me to make a new set of decals … < drum="" roll="" maestro=""> … here’s the finished product, which will have it’s first run soon. Well, the motor runs and the gears mesh!

I’ve enjoyed this very first vintage F1 build and I might try another some time.