Gert's Slotcars

Where I grew up in South Africa the name Ferrari was always associated with fast cars. So, as a kid I used to stare at and drool over the posters and photo’s in magazines of these red thorough bred stallions.


As time went by the F40 appeared and then I sat up and took note. That was the ultimate car for me, way better than the Opel GT that I so wanted while still at school. From then on all the next generations of Ferrari’s were just not up there. The 550 looked OK and then followed the stuff that I just could not stand! The girlie F360 followed by her equally giggly F430 friend!


Then, suddenly the 458 Italia appeared in its GT3 form and I just had to have one as a slot car! The red one’s from the AF Corse outfit really kept me mesmerized and later the other colours kept me interested. The Carrera 458 just did not look the part and to race it against the NSR GT’s would be impossible. For a while the PRS chassis looked like an option, but our club did not allow cars with a metal chassis.


Black Arrow provided the answer with their Italia GT3, but as we have seen on the forums, they were just not to be found. At my favourite slotcar dealer were two kits, yes they come in kit form only, but at that price the NSR BMW GT3 looked the better option, but, hey, that’s not a Ferrari 458.


At this very same dealer I found the chassis and a white body kit of the Blackarrow Italia GT3 and with this I am going to do this scratchbuild project.


This is the chassis. The motor is a Scaleauto Hurrican 25K, the pinion and crown are NSR anglewinder offerings, the wheels and axles come from the collection and the braids are provided by PN Slot.

The body kit arrived in a neat little box.

The contents. There will be lots of modeling skills and painting to be done.

And some PE parts too.

Got all the little bits painted.

I am very pleased with the way the engine bay turned out.

The orange splitter of the chassis did not look right, so I painted the front and back bits of the chassis black.

The decals arrived in record time from the States.

The cockpit is ready.

The engine bay is finished.

The chassis is done; the weights must still be added and the setup must still be done.

And I dry fitted the body, with the rear lights attached and the back bit painted red.

I've started with the decalling of the stipes first. After a couple of hours, I have this to show.

The sponsor's cheque has arrived and the decals went on!


Yes, another couple of hours later, mainly because I find that I need less sleep nowadays.



I had to use my imagination to place some of the decals, as the body isn't the same size as the scale model where the decals came from. I also had to add my own touch to the required white decals, as the set of decals did not include them, so I opted for the "Hugo Boss" from my stash.

Well, it's done!


I intentionally didn't add the winglets and the mirrors, as they are the first things to go on a slotcar.


It went together fairly well. The biggest problems were the PE parts and the filler caps.


I'm quite pleased with the result, so far. We might be able to slot in a couple of test days at the club and then I will get an idea of how the car runs. For now it's the setup of the chassis and it's good to go.


Here's the photo bombardment. Enjoy!

This turned out to be very enjoyable build.