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SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS Chrono Kit

Ever since the first examples of the SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS were advertised, I wanted one! Unfortunately they stopped supplying them when the mold got destroyed and, to my disappointment,the prices for, even secondhand ones, went through the roof. So, great was my surprise when SRC and OSC joined forces to produce the Capri! Needless to say, that I jumped to the opportunity to get one and being a keen modeler, I was really happy to find a kit. With the iconic Team Gunston Capri Perana racecar from the 70’s, as raced in South Africa, in mind I ordered the SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS Chrono kit in sidewinder configuration. The decals I found at 

The kit comes in a package very much like a strip of candy. For the photo’s I cut it into three pieces.

The decal sheet of this famous car.

The chassis came together nicely, but the motor was very difficult to press the pinion onto the shaft. So, I’ve decided to replace the motor with a 29K motor and the same for the 11T pinion and the 32T crown. That “should” give it the performance of the NSR Mosler, but it being narrow and tall, I doubt if the handling would be THAT good.

The interior tray is vacuum formed with a plastic head. This is my, mostly hidden, slightly detailed effort.

The body has now been sprayed into the base colour.

Decalling done! Now for the varnish

I’m very pleased with it.